Radio, Film, & TV Work by Bill S. Ballinger

Content coming soon relating to Bill S. Ballinger's work as a writer for radio, television, and film. In the meantime, the Bill S. Ballinger IMDB entry is a good place to start, as well as the Bill S. Ballinger biography on this site, by Petri Liukkonen.

Mike Hammer Television Series (as B.X. Sanborn)

Blogger Stephen Bowie wrote a nice article in January 2012 about the Mike Hammer television series, which includes this tidbit about Ballinger:
"There was also the talented Bill S. Ballinger, whose books formed the basis of the films noir Pushover and Wicked as They Come. His script for 'Requiem For a Sucker' introduces characters named Zyg Zygmunt, Buckets Marburg, and Chinchilla Jones, and itís as bouncy and Runyonesque as those monikers would imply. Ballinger signed all his Mike Hammers as 'B. X. Sanborn,'"

The Outer Limits Television Series - "The Mice" Episode

Bill S. Ballinger wrote the original teleplay for the episode of The Outer Limits titled "The Mice." Outer Limits historian and critic David J. Schow remembers the Ballinger "The Mice" episode fondly in his Critical Guide to The Outer Limits:
"the [Outer Limits] series, true to impressive form, defies expectations and continually surprises; one way its creators held that standard was by turning out several ancillary classics, episodes which (albeit quietly) rank among the best. 'The Mice' is such an installmentóneither flashy in its aptitude, nor devoid of it. ... As a story, 'The Mice' succeeds on virtually every level, managing the balance of edification and entertainment that routinely distinguished this series."

Bill S. Ballinger Collectors

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